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Make first impressions Count

It’s important that your business presents as well on the outside to match the great things happening on the inside. Fresh Front is your partner in first impressions for the exterior cleaning of your building or commercial space.

Our exterior cleaning process not only cleans surfaces to get them looking good but also sanitises to fight the spread of germs and viruses.

Our trained and insured team can safely clean your building façade to remove all the nasties such as road grime, dust, dirt, algae and spider webs to ensure that you look fresh. Forget damaging high pressure blasting your façade – you’ll love our Soft wash method which gets things cleaner, for longer and with no high pressure blasting.

Dirty concrete and carparks not only look unsightly but often also contribute to interior cleaning issues as contaminants are brought inside. Routine commercial pressure cleaning of your concrete and carpark areas can keep this in check ensure they are sanitised and help present your business in it’s best light.

Clean windows are the icing on the cake – we’ll give you a set and forget solution to keep your glass looking perfect. Dirty glass isn’t healthy glass, regular cleaning will keep your building looking good and save you going down the costly path of restoration or replacement.

You run your business – we’ll make it look good.

Your Partner In First Impressions

The importance of sanitation

Viruses and bacteria can survive for surprisingly long periods on exterior surfaces – routine exterior cleaning and sanitation can help to keep this at bay while going a long way to instil confidence in both your customers and staff.

We can quickly clean and sanitise large exterior areas to ensure this important task does not interrupt your business.

Our teams can employ a range of techniques from low pressure washing with approved cleaning agents to hot water pressure cleaning and even detailed hand wiping to keep viruses, mould and bacteria at bay arming you with a proactive approach to keeping your facility safe.

Areas to consider

Schools & Childcare Play
equipment, Breeze ways, Hand Rails, Concrete, Sports Surfaces, Drinking Fountains, Seating and Change Rooms

Public seating, bins, hand rails, bus shelters, high traffic exterior areas

Doors, Hand Rails, Exterior Windows, Entrances

Grocery Stores
Shopping trolleys, Hand Rails, Doors, Exterior forecourts

Exterior break areas, breeze ways and high traffic areas, Doors, Elevators and Car parks

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Our Business Beautifying Services

Concrete Cleaning

Commercial pressure cleaning of your paths, driveways, carparks and walk ways will restore them back to new. Enjoy the new look again when our teams expertly remove all the tricky stains such as rust, gum, oil and grime from your concrete areas. Commercial pressure cleaning of your exterior areas gives you a deep clean ensuring dirt isn’t tracked inside by your staff or customers, saving on costly interior cleaning.

Building Washing

Washing a building takes some expertise and professional grade equipment. Traditional pressure cleaning isn’t recommend – excessive high pressure will just damage the exterior surfaces of your building and blast water in places it shouldn’t be. We can wash your building using safe low pressure methods that deliver and exceptional long lasting clean without any damage.

Window Cleaning

Perfectly clean windows are the absolute icing on the cake when it comes to first impressions on a large commercial property. We can safely clean windows up to 4 stories from the ground without dragging dangerous ladders around or hiring expensive scaffolding. We use a pure water cleaning method which cleans the frame and not just the glass so you can enjoy cleaner windows for longer.

Cleaning and Sanitising

All exterior surfaces we clean can also be sanitised to protect against the spread of viruses and bacteria. We can employ a range of options from hand wiping, low pressure washing with approved cleaners and hot water pressure cleaning to keep your exterior areas both clean and sanitised.

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