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Sealing is the smart way to protect your pavers and concrete, while making maintenance easy. From newly poured exposed aggregate concrete to rejuvenating and protecting existing pavers, there are options to suit every surface. The key is matching the correct product to suit the surface and your needs.

Imagine having your patio area cleaned like new only to have it ruined from a red wine spill, BBQ grease or oil stain. Sealing your pavers or concrete is great peace of mind that your expensive investment is protected.

Sealing is more than just picking a drum off the shelf and throwing it down. The real trick is selecting the right sealer to suit your needs, the type of surface and the environmental conditions. 

You don’t need to worry about what sealer you need to use, we’ll make the process easy, recommend the best option for your needs and show you examples of how things will look based on some of our previous work.

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Concrete Sealing

Sealing concrete is the best way to protect it against staining. Older concrete might be permanently stained or discoloured. We can fix this for you with a coloured sealer which will rejuvenate your concrete, hide the imperfections and bring it back to life all while you enjoy easy low maintenance. Concrete sealers aren’t paints! Concrete paint from the hardware store doesn’t penetrate the surface so is prone to flaking and peeling. Our concrete sealers penetrate into the concrete and we’ll apply them for you using our proven process which ensures they coating won’t fail prematurely.

Paver Sealing

For a long time sealing your pavers was always a risky move. Pavers need to breathe, traditional sealers trapped in the moisture and caused issues, the pavers turned white,  the sealer flaked and pavers ended up slippery. Thanks for great improvements in sealer technology we can now offer you a paver sealing product that overcomes all of these issues, while being cost effective, incredibly hard wearing and offers fantastic stain protection. Our unique paver sealing process can be applied to a wet surface on the same day of cleaning which means you’ll get the job done quickly, your furniture can go back in place and you can start enjoying your home again. Same day sealing ensures your pavers are cleaned perfectly and sealed while still clean – no one wants to wait for things to dry risking the dirt getting sealed in! The icing on the cake is that the product we provide for you is low VOC – that means no nasty smells, getting your pavers sealed doesn’t have to be harmful to your family and pets.

Enhancing Sealer

Ever noticed that some surface’s just look better wet ? That’s where an enhancing sealer can transform your outdoor surfaces. We use the latest in enhancing sealer technology which will give you that “Wet Look” you desire with a result that is long lasting without making the surface slippery.

Natural Sealers

Just want it protected but want to keep the natural look ? This is where a natural sealer comes in. We use a product that lasts many years and is fully repellent to both water and oil. Many common natural sealers only repel water and offer little protection against nasty oil and grease stains. Your outdoor area will be treated with only the best , offering the best, long lasting level of protection. 

Exposed Aggregate

New or old, exposed aggregate can be transformed by sealing. On new installations a light acid wash is preformed to bring out the exposed stones and make the surface pop! Sealing enhances the natural colours of the surface and ensures this normally porous surface is well protected.

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