Adelaide Pressure Washing FAQs

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We’ll take that as a compliment but no we are a family owned business built and funded entirely from the ground up. We’ve worked super hard to build our brand and reputation, it’s peace of mind that we are going to do the right thing by you.

We employ our own expert team to do all the work. Many companies will try and sub contract the work out once they’ve won the job creating communication and quality issues. We manage all the work ourselves and our team have incentives to ensure we get you a great result and fantastic service experience. We are all pulling in the same direction to build a great business so when we are working on your property you can rest at ease that no corners will be cut and we’ll deliver on our promises.

Generally no, we only need access to water and don’t need access to power. As long as we have access around the property we can get the job done. If you are happy to leave us with keys or security code access we will ensure everything is locked up before we leave along with providing you with a courtesy call. It’s important that you get 100% satisfaction from our services, if you are around at the end of he job to perform a final walk through we always appreciate it but if you can’t make it any there are any issues rest assured we will take care of this as a priority.

Absolutely – quotes are free and totally no obligation. Our quote process involves a walk around and then a quick chat to let you know how we can help. If you can’t be home for us it’s no problem at all, we can perform the walk around ourselves and give you a call to run through any particulars before sending your quote through via email.

We predominantly service within 20KM of Adelaide – that being said we understand it can often be tough to find good service in more rural areas. Give us a call and we can discuss if we can help, failing that we will help you locate a local provider .

We try and avoid just quoting numbers over the phone, it’s often not accurate and doesn’t take a number of factors into account. We much prefer to meet with you and take a good look at the work required so we can ensure everything is covered and there are no surprises.

We are always on the lookout for great people, if you think you’d be a good fit with our team we’d love to chat.

In order to get the best result some chemicals are required. We only use bio degradable chemicals which are safe around the home.

Chemicals can become very dangerous when mixed together – our technicians are fully trained in the safe use of chemicals, mix rations and what to use on each specific surface.

We employ a strict plant and property protection process on all jobs we do – we haven’t lost a plant yet. The core of this revolves around adaquetely watering any vegetation prior to and post any cleaning work. We also have very clever proportioning equipment which allows us to use less chemical for more results.

All chemicals are rinsed off at the end of the job so the area will be totally safe for your family and pets but for safety sake we recommend you keep them out of the way while we are working.

Unfortunately we can’t be everything to everyone – staying in our lane is how we retain the high level of service and quality. We’ll do our best to put you onto a preferred contractor who can help with these tasks.

Payment is due on completion of the job where and invoice will be provided with full payment details.

We accept EFT and credit card payment and can also process card payments on the spot from our mobile devices. We don’t charge any extra for paying by credit or debit card.

In some cases we may require a small deposit to secure your booking or hold materials, we’ll let you know if this is the case.

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