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Fresh Front services all areas of Adelaide and provides professional high pressure cleaning services for your residential and commercial needs.

Pressure cleaning can transform many areas such as driveways, pavers, patios, concrete floors, paths and more.

You deserve the absolute best for your property and DIY equipment just doesn’t cut the mustard. It’s messy, inefficient and often damaging to the surface. Our team will transform your outdoor areas with the latest in industrial grade equipment and detailed knowledge of the science of cleaning. Say goodbye to the hard work, damage, horrible mess and disappointing results.

Worried about damaging high pressure? We specialise in Soft Wash for more delicate exterior surfaces.

If you’re going to invest in getting your outdoor areas cleaned then you don’t want the nasties growing back on you quickly. Our process includes an anti fungal treatment to ensure you get the cleanest, most long lasting result possible.

Each and every job has different requirements for managing the waste water but we’ve got you covered – say goodbye to the flood in your back yard and run off to your plants and mud all over your walls.

Got pavers around a pool? We have a few tricks to keep that clean too!

You won’t need to worry about mess thanks to our surface cleaning equipment. Just to be sure, we diligently clean any overspray and debris from the surrounding area to ensure your outdoor space is clean, fresh and perfect.

Be wary of flat “Square metre” rates as these are often priced unseen and might not take into account what actually needs to be cleaned. You deserve the best solution, tailored for your needs and your home.


That’s why we have the most 5 star reviews on Google and Facebook of anyone in our industry in South Australia – we are totally committed to providing the best possible result and making the process easy!

Contact us to book your quick quote – we’ll visit and give you clear, no obligation quote to bring your outdoor areas back to life.

Adelaide Pressure Cleaning Services

Residential Pressure Cleaning services

Paver Cleaning

Get your pavers looking new again with a professional pressure clean. You’ll enjoy a far superior result over the messy DIY and hire options all without having to lift a finger.

Our paver cleaning process involves pressure cleaning and treating to remove stains, organic growth and dirt. We can also let you know if the paver sand will need replacing and take care of that so there’s nothing left to do.

Concrete Cleaning

Professional pressure cleaning of your concrete paths, patio and driveway can transform the look and boost the value of your property. Doing this yourself with the wrong equipment can damage the surface so avoid any issues and let us give you that  “new again” look.

Driveway Cleaning

Driveways can take a beating from tyre marks, organic growth, oil and dirt. Simply cleaning your driveway can really transform the street appeal of your home or business. 

We’ll get your driveway looking great again, quickly – with no mess and no hassle.

Patio Cleaning

Dirty patios not only look unsightly but can be unhygienic as the mess if often brought into your home. We’ll get your patio looking great so your outdoor space is clean and fresh again to enjoy.

Oil & Rust Stains

Oil and rust stains can be tricky to remove – many off the shelf products only to make the situation worse!

We’ll check out any stains you have and run you through our process and let you know if the stains can be successfully removed or not.

Mold & Algae Removal

Outdoor surfaces are always subject to organic growth – our pressure cleaning services include an anti-fungal treatment as standard. This gets the area super clean while ensuring a long lasting result – getting the best value from your cleaning.

We use safe bio degradable cleaning solutions, we’ll run you through our process so you can rest assured that your plants, pets and family are safe.

Commercial Pressure Cleaning services

Concrete Cleaning

Concrete forecourts, car parks and paths are subject to a lot of abuse in a commercial spaces – professional cleaning and rejuvenate these areas and dramatically improve the first impressions of your business.

Loading Bays

Commercial loading bays are subject to a lot of heavy dirt and grime, tyre marks as well as grease and oil. Our team will bring your loading bay back to life, make it safe and ensure you can focus on your business.

Building & Facade Cleaning

Cleaning the façade of your building is not only important for first impressions but can save you thousands on ongoing maintenance and repainting. Our team uses safe low pressure methods to remove dirt, organics, road grime and debris from your building façade to ensure you look great for your customers.

Bio Degradable Cleaning Agents

Avoid the risks and compliance issues associated with using harsh chemicals around your commercial property. Our team uses the latest technology in bio degradable cleaning solutions. Superior results while being compliant, safe and environmentally friendly.

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