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Why Wash Your House?

You wash your car, your boat, the caravan and even the kids play equipment – but when was the last time you paid your biggest asset some attention?

Washing your home or business can transform it’s street appeal and is super important maintenance task that is often forgotten.

Did you know almost all manufacturers of exterior paints, cladding and texture coats recommend at least a yearly exterior clean of these surfaces for the best performance, longevity and even warranty.. 

Exterior surfaces are subject to a range of harsh environmental conditions, dust, dirt, insects, road grime, algae, fungus and for those near the coast – salt! 

The problem has always been there was no safe way to clean these surfaces without causing damage. High pressure cleaning could very quickly destroy delicate surfaces on your home and forget trying to scrub a double storey property with a brush and bucket of soapy water!

Rest assured we have you covered with our Soft Wash process which gently cleans and sanitises your home exterior from all the nasties without the risk of damage.

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Adelaide's Soft Wash Experts

Soft Wash is the best way to clean the exterior surfaces of your home. We apply a soap solution at low pressure which is carefully blended to treat the problem at hand. The soap does the heavy lifting, not high pressure – breaking down the contaminants allowing for a final rinse using gentle low pressure.

Upper storey sections of the home can be easily cleaned from ground level using our process – no dangerous ladders, scaffolds and expensive lift equipment. It’s simply the best result for your property.

Your home is restored to it’s former glory with a clean that is long lasting and safe for your plants, family and pets.

Save money on the expensive repair options with an exterior house wash and enjoy living in a clean and fresh home.

Our Adelaide House Washing Services

Render / Texture Coat

Render and texture coated surfaces can be extremely delicate and can be destroyed using traditional high pressure cleaning. Softwash will gently restore your rendered surfaces back to new.

Alucobond / Cladding

Alucobond is a common commercial cladding material but increasingly used in residential property. Regular cleaning is recommended by the manufacturer and specific guidelines apply to retain warranty and longevity of the surface. We can help you maintain your Alucobond and keep your property looking good.

Painted Surfaces

Exterior paint manufacturers recommend at least yearly cleaning of your exterior paintwork, in some cases even more regularly. High pressure cleaning will damage your paint. Your painted surfaces will look great after a Soft Wash and with no risk of damage.


Bricks are quite porous and over time can pick up organic growth or grime deposits from nearby traffic. We can bring these surfaces back to life with careful cleaning without resorting to damaging high pressure.


Colourbond is common on roofs but increasingly used as a cladding material and can take a beating from the elements. Our soft wash process covers all recommended cleaning procedures from the manufacturer to keep these areas looking great and without any risk of damage.


Stone fronted facades can be very delicate and are often affected by dust, road grime and organic growth. Our Soft Wash process allows us to very delicately clean these areas without damage so you can get things looking good again without the expensive repair bill.

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